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We educate, develop, connect, and position Black leaders for professional advancement.

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About TALI
What We Do

We see a world where equity is achieved through intention and purpose.

Our vision is to create more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous professional communities through our distinct leadership development model and network of alumni and partners.


We provide world class academic instruction

Instruction from top-tier business school faculty, regional and national leaders, and cutting-edge academic researchers.


We foster critical mentor and sponsor relationships

Facilitation of structured mentor relationships to guide development, provide support and access, and facilitate sponsorship.


We support our strong professional network

Development of a strong peer cohort group and alumni network provides critical professional connections and fosters a sense of community and retention.

TALI Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs offer the tools, exposure, support, and training for success.

We build the leadership capabilities and professional network to advance Black leaders.


Preparing Black leaders for executive advancement by providing the tools, exposure, support, and training to increase their visibility and success so they can contribute to their organizations and community at the highest levels.
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Designed to support Black professionals in the transition from talented individual contributor to new manager of people. This series will hone the skills new leaders need to move into higher levels of management and help them learn to successfully navigate the challenges they may encounter as leaders of color, ensuring their strategic rise up the organizational ladder.

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We're Passionate About What We Do

Alumni success drives us to broaden TALI's impact.

Meet Our Alumni

Rebekah Hughey

Medical Director, Gateway Health
I expected a strong academic experience, and the Executive Leadership Academy delivered.  I also quickly realized that being surrounded by a cohort of such dynamic leaders gave me the opportunity to draw on shared experiences, sharpening my leadership skills from day one.
Dedicated Partners Make This Possible

Founding Underwriters demonstrate their intentional commitment to advancing leadership equity.