TALI Alumni Network

Supporting our alumni throughout career stages.

The Advanced Leadership Institute's alumni network leverages the power of intelligent, committed Black professionals and executives, integrating all members across cohorts, stages in career, industries, and roles.


Events and activities


Community engagement


Talent development and professional growth

The TALI alumni network will uphold the mission and vision of the Institute and the interdependency of the entire alumni network, enriching the region with a distinctly diverse leadership perspective.

Committed to education, leadership, innovation, culture and community, TALI Alumni will support positive direction to inspire, engage, connect and celebrate. Open and inclusive, TALI invites the leadership contribution of all alumni, and will work to assure continual renewal, so that our strategic direction fully reflects the diversity and evolution of the regions we serve.

Andrea Stanford, Vice President, Pittsburgh Regional Manager

BNY Mellon
There are leaders in the Academy from the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The fusion of these different industries and leadership styles really strengthens this program.