TALI Leadership Development

The Emerging Leaders Program is tailored to address the challenges Black professionals face in the workplace.


Who should apply?

Applicants must have a minimum of 3-5 years of professional work experience in corporate, nonprofit, government, or entrepreneurial sectors. A Bachelor’s degree or 5 years of additional, equivalent, and relevant experience is required. Candidates may include both strong individual contributors with supervisory aspirations and those in managerial positions who are growing in the leadership phase of their career. Applicants should have a strong desire to achieve professional excellence.


When is the Program?

October 2024 - April 2025

Sessions are generally held once a month on a consecutive half day Friday (12 - 5 pm) and half day Saturday (8 am - 12 pm).  


Where is this located?

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Sessions are held in person on the CMU campus unless circumstances cause the need for remote learning.


How much does it cost?

Limited scholarship funding is available for candidates from the nonprofit and public sectors.

About the Program

Tailored to address the unique challenges Black professionals face, the Emerging Leaders Program prepares rising leaders with higher level aspirations who are currently individual contributors or managers of people. 

This program will hone the skills new leaders need to move into higher levels of management, successfully navigate challenges they may encounter as leaders of color, and support their strategic rise up the organizational ladder. 

This 12-session program is presented by The Advanced Leadership Institute in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, Robert Morris University, and Duquesne University. Participants will sharpen the hard and soft skills necessary for effective leadership within the context of the rising Black professional. Participants will master topics such as executive presence, managerial effectiveness, organizational culture, negotiation strategy, mentorship and feedback, and building successful teams – all while addressing relevant potential roadblocks and how to surmount them.

Select Course Topics


Vision & Purpose

Gain clarity and take focused actions to align your
career goals with who you are; enlist support and
resources to get there; intentionally leverage
mentoring and networking.


Authentic Leadership

Define your brand and develop personal strategies to effectively convey who you are and the differentiated professional value you deliver.


Executive Presence

Understand and adopt critical strategies and
tactics to confidently and credibly connect and
grow value to your brand.


Negotiation Strategies

Comprehend and increase your awareness of the
many ways you are engaged in negotiating
personally and professionally; gain insight into
intentionally leveraging these interactions.


Innovation & Creative Problem Solving 

Gain insight into effectively leveraging innovation
and creativity as well as navigating challenges to
positively impact personal and professional goals.


Leadership Next Steps

Participants receive a Carnegie Mellon
University Tepper School of Business certificate,
and join the distinguished TALI alumni network.

Evan Frazier, President & CEO

The Advanced Leadership Institute

Investing in early stage career development of Black leaders will create tremendous value for those individuals, their companies, and the community at large.

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