TALI Responds to Supreme Court Ruling on Race-Conscious Admissions

Isabella Moreland

Access to higher education for all is essential to building a strong diverse workforce. Therefore, the recent Supreme Court ruling to remove race-based considerations from college and university admissions policies is disappointing. As a society we should be working to eliminate barriers to education and not create policies that will further disenfranchise historically marginalized populations. The Advanced Leadership Institute (TALI) is committed to creating more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous professional communities.

TALI will continue to advance our mission to cultivate Black executive leadership through our work with companies, educational partners, and the broader community. We must continue to move towards celebrating and facilitating diversity at all levels. Data shows there is a strong business case for diversity and that corporations, institutions, and shareholders benefit from diverse senior teams. TALI’s role is more important than ever as we protect the gains we have made and help position our city, region, and country to prosper in the future.

Evan Frazier

President and CEO

The Advanced Leadership Institute